My Date with Wacuka, Acapella Singer

Photo c/o @Wacuk_a_capella
On my date today we are joined by Lucy Wacuka Gitonga, an amazing acapella signer. Lucy describes herself as a lover of fun, outdoor activities, and good music. She also enjoys having healthy and meaningful conversations and spending quality time with her friends and family.  If she is not singing, she is baking, a hobby she has now turned into a business.

How has COVID-19 changed your lifestyle?

COVID-19 has changed my daily routine, I now wake up and do what is urgent for that day.

COVID-19 has also made me realise that any day could be my last day on earth, so procrastinating will not help anyone. Working towards my goals has become a priority in my life.

For people who don't know, what is acapella music?

Acapella is a performance without instrumental accompaniments.

You find comfort in gospel music and songs with a message….

I believe there is nothing big or small I can do that can impress God other than worshipping him. Besides that, messages in songs are encouragement when life seems to be unfair towards us.

You are such a happy person with an infectious smile. How do you maintain that joy?

We choose how to react towards what's happening around us. If it doesn't concern you just look the other way. If you can help, help. If you can't do anything, learn to accept the condition. Peace of mind is important to me. The environment around me also matters, I just choose what to let in and what to let go.

You post your singing videos on Youtube and Instagram, how is the reception and experience?

I have been receiving encouragement from people and I am so glad they were positive. Some viewers even suggested collaborations. The experience for me at first was anxiety and fear of the unknown. I am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Do you have plans to write and record your own songs?

HAHA in high school I tried to write songs but I only had the choruses. So yeah I will one day record my own songs.

You are also a guitarist, when did you pick up the guitar and do you play any other instruments?

Immediately after high school(2013) I joined a college called Mahanaim to learn to play the piano. They taught classical music and I had a nice teacher who also taught guitar. By just being friends he taught me the basics and that's how I started playing the guitar. So, I play piano and guitar.

Creatives are not given the respect or paid what they deserve in Kenya, which is very disappointing and discouraging…

True, some think that what we do anyone can do( which is true) but have they considered the amount of time we invest in practice, the sacrifice (of not eating sugary stuff for singers hahaha.. ), the search for motivation and inspiration, the pressure to remain relevant? We deserve an acknowledgement and something in our pockets.

Tell us more about your love for baking and the bakery business

My mum used to bake for us every school holiday and every single birthday. Cake meant so much to me. A birthday was not a birthday without a cake. As we grew older, I learnt two or three things about baking by observing. I also have friends who bake and they motivate a lot.

Some of my mum's friends who loved my cakes started ordering from me and that's how I became serious with the business. Going to school is important so, I plan to do that and become an expert.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More acapella songs definitely and since I am determined to learn my mother tongue maybe we will be entertained that way also - Kikuyu folks I got you.

Here is one song in Kikuyu Mwene Nyaga

Please dedicate a song (s) to everyone in the world going through a rough time and needs a bit of uplighting and encouragement

- Known by Tauren Wells The song talks about how we take the wrong direction both knowingly and unknowingly but God remains faithful towards us. We might be suffering because of our bad decisions but there is hope.

- I Smile by Kirk Franklin We all look better when we smile. Just smile, you are your own number one cheer leader.

- Anaona  by Ben Cyco and Kambua
The song talks about how God sees all we go through but guess what?  He is just molding you for better things.

Find Wacuka on social media:

Youtube -  wacuka acapella

Instagram - Wacuk_a_capella


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