My Date with David Prince, Acoustic Guitarist

  On My Date today we have David Otieno A.K.A David Prince, a self -taught acoustic guitarist and industrial chemist in the making.

Photo c/o David Prince
How would you describe yourself?
David Prince is a vibrant Christian youth, student, lover of music, and fashionista with a peculiar life blend.
Peculiar blend because my course study with what I do in music are far apart but I speak with both in the language I understand best. And in music David is an instrumentalist and more
precisely a guitarist who plays anything musical. 

Tell us about your guitar journey
Growing up as a child my dad had this collection of cassettes which only meant one thing, that is music all day long, considering it was an era where TVs were rare, we never had much of a choice. While much time was invested in music, what really captivated me were the guitar tonics in the songs, this sparked my passion for guitars and music. At that time the only thing in my mind was that I needed to know how to play one, though guitars are of different types.

Flash forward, around 2006 I had this neighbor who played acoustic guitar so well, hearing him play was like eating rice and beans with an avocado (Giggles). The feeling was just great and irresistible, this made me fall in love with the acoustic guitars. 14 years later here I am a self-taught acoustic guitar player.

I can attest that every acoustic guitar player has a reason as to why they are playing the instrument. The journey has its share of challenges from acquiring the guitar to getting gigs to start earning from it but I choose to hold on to my dictum of ‘new levels presents new challenges’ but with courage, passion, will, and a strategic plan, nothing is impossible.

What type of music do you play?
I majorly play the gospel music genre, giving reverence to my maker. I am able to express myself to him with chords of love (in guitar we play chords), also I love the artistic music which speaks on life stories and what happens in society today. 

Photo c/o David Prince
Artistic music is so creative in that songs are used to pass messages with regards to the happenings in the society and this explains why I have this mad love for HART THE BAND, I’m considering doing something with them in the near future.

Which events have you performed at? With events, I can’t say that I have had stardom experiences but I happen to be a volunteer in an organization called Edumed Trust which supports bright needy students. This organization has a yearly crowdfunding event that saw me perform to them annually in Sarova Panafric Nairobi during this time. Also, there are other events like the flamboyant Cake Festival was my target this year but COVID-19 happened. However, I perform mostly in Church and with friends for fun as I hone my skills. 

To anyone having an engagement party, birthday party, surprise dinners, general dinners, graduations, I am just a phone call away to make it happen for you in a memorable way.

What has Covid-19 taught you?
COVID-19 has taught me time management. You realise for most of us our time used to be managed in the different institutions that we were in (learning, work, and business), and with the arrival of COVID-19 and the lockdown, it caught many of us unawares. Just imagine 24 hours in the house, only wisdom is required in order to manage this time properly. At the beginning of lockdown, we all saw how crazy people got with social media, the reason being they never knew how to manage their time.

You are a member of two bands...
Yes; oracles the band and eagles the band. These are amazing people with whom I work with and credit to them for fostering my growth as a vocalist and an instrumentalist.
Being in these two bands, one thing that I am certain of is growth and I count myself lucky. For now, I am currently working with them on an individual basis in terms of performances, recordings, and events and also their projects that we are doing together. To my fans, be on the lookout.

Which projects are you working on at the moment?
The personal ventures that I am working on right now include tutoring guitar lessons to the young lads who are willing to learn. I also have a thought in the pipeline that concerns composing songs and making my voice perfectly match the chords in my guitar.  

Photo c/o David Prince

Why industrial chemistry?
I am an industrial chemist in the making. An industrial chemist is someone who is conversant with the chemistry of chemicals in the industry, that is coming up with different chemical formulations for different industrial products. To me chemistry is life. I also love reading a lot because I believe everyone’s standard of life is limited by the knowledge they possess.

You are very stylish. What inspires your fashion style?
I’m into fashion in a big way. It is not once that I have been told that I have this unique dress code by my peeps. Therefore, in the near future, we are looking forward to having some David Prince fashion houses and clothing lines.
British style inspires my fashion greatly. The thing with Britons is that they are never afraid of having fun with fashion, them having up to 33 types of fashion is not a joke. I literally watch Briton series and movies cause I am always intrigued by their dress codes.
I would describe my fashion style as classic with a little bit of vintage touch.

How do you envision the Kenyan art and music industry in the next 5 years?
I am seeing a brighter future in terms of great music production with amazing content that will be passed down generations.

Your last words
I believe as long as you want anything in this world the whole universe is always ready to conspire in helping you achieve it.

Find David Prince on:
Instagram -@otieno2143A
Twitter - @David otieno
Facebook - David otieno

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  1. David prince is a great guy... All he said is true and his love for music and willingness to be much better inspires me to perfect my skills... Thanks alot Dave God almighty bless you for me