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We all have friends, some close others just people we know and we say hi to each other once in a while. What makes a good friendship or friend? What do you look for in friends?

I asked several of my friends what friendships means to them and this is what they had to say:

Friendship is  a great human  feeling,  it's likability,  it's  keen intuition, a clean and clear  understanding of  trust.  I attach great  importance to friendship since  it puts us  in contact  with  the  universe.  Nobody  likes  to  feel  lonely. Knowing  you  can  count  on someone  is an important  source of  strength  and  hope.
I sit with  friends  and  we discuss solutions to  society's  problems clearly  and logically. Some days  we talk  about  relationships  and sexuality  and take  extreme  positions. Some days  we share  about  our intimate  emotions,  we cry out our feelings  and tell our disappointments. Some nights  we just  sit  outside  defiant to the  cold motionlessly.

It takes  trust and  love to  cement  friendship. We should be grateful  for the  small things  friends  do, the random love gestures they show us unknowingly. Thank them  for the  warm  hugs.
They say that "God doesn't tempt  us." Similarly,  friends don't  betray, and if they do, they  were  never  your  friends in the  first  place  so don't  hesitate to send them to their graves.

Friendship is the family you choose. Thuol

Friendship is being there for each other in any circumstance. Being genuinely happy for your friends when they win. Taking their success as yours too as well as pain. Uplifting each other to achieve that which is best for each one of you. Friendship is more than just happy times together but it is also pulling out one of you that is stuck in sinking mud. I appreciate my friends: Valentine and EsperanciašŸ˜Š  Radhia

Friendship is about showing love to each other and in this impetus;
Love isn't Jealous
Love is sharing
Love is caring
Love is compassion
Love isn't slander
Love isn't gossip

Therefore, Love is friendship and friendship is love. Friendship/love is a verb and we should all embrace the transaction because in the end it ought to be symbiotic for both parties either directly or indirectly. Mamadi

Friendship means loyalty, uplifting each other, motivating each other and moving up together.
Even if we are far apart from each other we always find a way of staying  true to  each other .
I believe am a good friend because I always keep it  real, I always  uplift my friend  when she is down and vice-versa

Friendship is love. Idza

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
– Walter Winchell

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