Christmas is less than 2 months away and we can not wait. The festive season comes with a lot of joy and excitement to have fun and spend time with our loved ones. Most of you are probably planning for a holiday if not completed yet. Planning does not come easy, so you need to get to work early enough so as to achieve your desired experience.

Where do you want to go for holiday? This could be a bucket list item you want to tick off or a destination that fits within your budget or just spending the holiday with your loved ones. After picking your desired destination, find out everything about the place: culture, travel requirements, accommodation, climate, means of transport and costs.

Holidays don’t come cheap especially when planned last minute. After you have all the details for your destination, sit down and create a budget. A budget helps you to plan your spending, save ahead and avoid overspending. Include everything in that budget: transport, food and drinks, accommodation, shopping, fees and miscellaneous.
The best time to start saving is months before. If you haven’t, you are a bit late but better late than never. Write down that budget and put aside a few thousands from this month’s income.

Early planning gives you the advantage of booking cheaper flights and accommodations in advance. Last minute planning come with the risk of high cost due to high demand and full bookings, meaning you will miss out. Check out travel and tour sites for holiday offers.

Make a list of all the items you need for your trip. Have everything you need for the holiday ready before the due day. If you are travelling abroad, get your passports, visa, tickets and medical certificates. If you are headed down to the coast or beach, you may have to do shopping for bikinis, sunglasses, sun lotions etc. Shop for what you need weeks/days earlier and take advantage of Christmas offers.

After holiday bills.
We have the tendency to spend a lot of money during the end of year parties and we forget we have a life to go back to in January. Pay or put aside money for your basic bills like rent, internet, school fees, power and water before leaving for holiday. This will give you peace of mind as you enjoy your leisure, knowing everything is well taken care of after the festivities.