My besties and I recently went for a road trip to Meru and I loved the experience, especially because it has been long since I went for one. We had gone to check out a piece of land for our farming project, yes agriculture, (though I don’t know how to hold a jembe). Meru is a very beautiful place: very green and cold and we passed through several counties.

I was hoping to see Miraa plantations, but we didn’t. I thought Miraa is grown in every part, rather every homestead, in Meru, but shock on me, it's only grown in certain places in the county. What people say about some drivers along that route is very true: they are very reckless.

This is how we made sure we enjoyed our road trip:

Early planning.
When do you want to go and with who? Where exactly do you want to go to? How long is the trip? How much money do you need?

Money is always a very crucial part of every adventure. Make a budget with your friends or family members that you will be going with. A group adventure makes finances easy as you will share costs and resources. Start saving early, you don’t want to start looking for fuel money on the travel day.

Road trips are great if you have your own car. You can also hire one. Just make sure the person who will be driving knows what he is doing. He/she should also be familiar with the type of routes you will be using. Long distance can be exhausting, so having a second person who can drive is a great idea.

Food and Drinks.
Buy snacks to munch on for the trip. Depending on where you are heading to, there are places with no shops or you find out things are very expensive, so, buy food and drinks in bulk. Remember to bring water. Alcoholic drinks are great but make sure the person on the wheel doesn’t drink or better, you all don’t drink until you reach your destination.

If you are going to spend a night or two along the way then you need to plan for accommodation in advance.This could be campsites, hotel or lodges.

Nothing makes your road trip better than some good music. Singing along to every song as you drive in the middle of nowhere. Create a playlist of a variety of songs and be sure to carry your speaker. Music is food to your soul.

A camera.
If you have a camera, it would be great if you carried it to capture the moments. Phones can also take awesome photos, be sure not to miss any moment. Don’t forget a charger for the camera and phone.

We all know a masaai shuka is a must carry for any road trip. Dress appropriately for the weather and the activities you will be engaging in along the way.
Stop along the way as many times as you can. Check out wonders of the world and take photos. A picnic or barbeque in the wilderness is an experience to die for. How about waterfall jumping and swimming or fishing or hiking?

How do you plan for your road trips?