Hello good people,
Don't we all admire a well dressed man with a neat beard shave and smells nice?
Well, over the years we have featured several of those men on the blog and here is their style advise:

It does not have to be too loose or too tight, you just need to know your correct size.

Keep it simple.
Let the suit and accessories complement each other.
Enjoy the process.

When wearing a plaid (checked or stripped) at the bottom, wear a plain garment on top.Try out nice colour combination.

When you are not sure what to wear, just over dress but make sure you are comfortable.

Choices of clothes, dress for the occasion, consider the weather and season.You can be sophisticated and classy but don’t overdo it, or else you will look like a clown. Don’t go for cheap materials for suits, the style and design may be perfect but quality matters.
Always groom well; maintain high body hygiene, trim your nails, clean hair, wear nice cologne, and drink lots of water. You will be addressed by how you dress!

Don't just follow what's trending because it's the in thing,  study your body and know what style works for you. If you not comfortable and confident about it,  then it ain't right for you.

Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.
Giorgia Armani

For Softer and ever growing beard.