Hello good people. 
A few weeks ago I came across photos of the most dapper and stylish Akorino guy I have ever seen and I was mesmerised. I had to request him for a fashion feature and he humbly and happily accepted to grace our space. Meet Peter Joel Mushkina, a fashion enthusiast currently working with Mushkina Fashion as a Fashion designer and a Stylist Consultant. 

He is also a professional Skater and a Latin Dancer doing Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata at Danspirations Kenya, who crown people's events through nice Latin dance performances. He has worked on several projects like: Akorino Mode of dressing, worked with Jane Mwangi,  African Aftermath Nairobi and Akorino Awards.
On top of that, he is a proud father of one son and husband to one beautiful and stylish lady.

How do you describe your style?
   I have a creative imagination that makes me bold enough to be colourful with my outfits. I am diverse: I juggle between trends Casual and  Official.

Where do you shop and which is your dream shopping destination?
I am my own designer: I shop at Mushkina Fashion and I also embrace local designers.
I shop for shoes at Zara, Toi market and Kenyatta Market for different casual wears. 
Rolex are my best watches.  

What are your fashion essentials?
     My fashion essentials are: a classic working watch, elegant eye wear, shoes that blend my outfit and I can't forget my Spotless white Turban.

My fashion icons are..
Eddie Kirindo, Kenyan based
Zeddie Loki, Kenyan based
Bantu black S.A
Paulo Batista

What is your morning beauty and fashion routine? 
I usually do a skating warm up when I wake up, then have a dance before going to my wardrobe for some spicy colourful wear.

My fashion guilty pleasure is..
A pair of sneakers and Oxford shoes that I would wear with any outfit. I like being innovative and creative.

How do you compliment your outfits?
I compliment my outfit with a Rolex watch and a clean Turban.

Which is your favourite fashion era?
My favourite fashion era is now. 
I feel like am evolving each minute, with different ideas. As Akorino we are very conservative, so I try to share how you can be well groomed and still be in the Lord.

What is your take on the African Fashion Industry?
We have amazing capabilities and we are very creative, but we lack maximum support from the local content creators and the media. My fashion experience this far may be a drop in the ocean (compared to other designers), but I am confident that my 'drop-size' knowledge will add litres in the fashion knowledge bit by bit.

 Fashion tips to men and women..
When you are not sure what to wear, just over dress but make sure you are comfortable.

Follow him on social media for more fashion inspiration: 
IG: @Mushkina Fashion
Fb: Peter Joel Mushkina
Twitter: @Peter Joel mushkina