Hello good people,
How have you been? It's been a minute,
but I'm back.
As a teenager I used to look forward to
hitting 20 and now I can’t believe I'm 24.
As I grow an year older I wish to share with
you 24 life lessons that I have learnt over

1. Self Love.
You can not love another if you do not love

2. Money.
Be The Smart Money Woman.
I recommend: Arese ugwu’s book on
personal finance for the young African
Woman, it is a mind opener.
Earn money. Spend wisely. Save. Invest.
Grow. Learn about money: financial literacy
and strive for financial independence.

3. Friends.
I have come to learn that it is natural for
close/intimate friends to grow apart and
go on separate paths in life. Do not feel
bad or force things. Let it be.
Keep their contacts though.

4. Family.
Stay close and make time for family. When
the whole world is against you, you family
will be on your side.

5. School/Education
School can make or break your career.
Keep an open mind and do not rely only on
that degree. Engage in extracurricular
activities and grow your talents outside
the classroom.

6. Books
Do not limit yourself to your favourite
genres. Read widely. There is a lot to
discover through reading. Have friends
who buy you books for your birthday.

7. Adventure/ Travel.
There Is No Better High Than Discovery.

Travel to as many destinations as
possible for the sake of education as well
as pleasure.
                     Maya Angelou

8. Entrepreneurship
Running a business requires more than
just passion. You will have to invest your
time and money and make a lot of sacrifices.

9. Passion
Follow your passion and see where it
leads you to. It is never too late to start

10. Relationship
Of all the things I have learnt in life,
relationship is the least.
It is a work in progress.

11. Networking
Network with people who are ahead of
you for learning and those behind you
for sharing. Learning and Sharing creates
a balance and room for progress.

12. Dreams.
Your thoughts and actions should match
your dreams. Big dreams can not be
accompanied by mediocrity.

13. Knowledge.
You never get enough knowledge. You
have to keep learning something new
and relearning the old everyday.

14. Time.
We expect to achieve certain things by
a certain period of time, but that does
not always happen. It is okay to finish
your degree at 26 instead of 23 or not
have a baby or life partner by 25 like the
rest of your friends. Good things take time.
Be patient.  

15. Emotions
Getting emotional or even crying does
not make you weak. It makes you human.

16. Gratitude.
Be grateful for the little that you have,
there are people out there with nothing.
Give to get.

17. Employment.
It may not be your dream job or paycheck,
but keep learning. Have friends in each
department away from yours and learn
bits of what others do.

18. Get that mulla.
There is no day that will go by without
you hearing someone complaining how
broke they are. Huny, get a side hustle:
take up a second job or turn you
hobbie/passion into a money making

19. Failure.
It is very painful, but we learn from
failure and not success.

Every person who has ever achieved
anything has been knocked down many
times. But all of them picked themselves
up and kept going.
  Wangari Mathai.

20. Appearance .
Dress your best always and be comfortable
in your own skin.
Take care of your skin.

21. Health, Fitness and Food.
Gym membership is not a must, walking
and using the staircase can give the same
Pizza and burger once in a while will not hurt.
Fall in love with vegetables, fruits and water.
Take care of your health and go for regular
check ups.

22. Progress is better than perfection.
“We are presently living in times where
everyone wants to have it now. And be
without flaws. But the best thing is to make
small progressive steps rather than long
meaningless strides”, my friend Mwaura.

23. Do not give a fuck about everything or
Not everything done or said is worth your
time. Ignore distractions and things you
cannot change.

24. Live Life
Do not let the child in you die.
Have fun.
Meet new people.
Go shopping.
Learn a new skill.
Drink wine.