Hello good people.

Meet Vanessa Chilimanzi from South Africa, a full time 8-5er, personal stylist, writer, Youtuber and editor of her Fashion and Beauty blog.
She describes herself as a shy introvert, vibrant, stylish and fashionable. Vanessa or Mis_Nessah also studies Business Administration and uses Johannesburg as her fashion backdrop.

Her main goal is to inspire and empower women to make the most out of life, encourage them to embrace their inner beauty and motivate them to take care of their outer beauty too.

Describe your style..
My style is simple, chic and comfortable with subtle glam.

Where do you shop and which is your dream shopping destination?
I shop anywhere where I get value for money. One day you will catch me in Mr Price, the next in H&M,

the next I could be shopping in the streets of Johannesburg CBD.

My fashion essentials are....
Basics: black leggings, white t-shirt, blue jeans, black blazer, pencil skirt, a white blouse/shirt and a pair of pumps.
A structured handbag, a watch and simple elegant earrings.

My fashion icons are...
Olivier Roustening, the creative director of Balmain. He is the ultimate fashion bae! Victoria Beckham and Beyonce are runner ups.

What is your morning routine?
I plan my outfits a week in advance so each morning I wake up and lay my clothes on my bed before I go to take a shower. I head over to the bathroom and I use the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit range for my skin. 
I have mastered the art of doing my makeup in just 10 minutes so this winter that means I grab my Black Opal Foundation stick, apply a bit of the LA Girl Concealer for a subtle highlight and contour, apply Mascara that I got in a Glamour Magazine and as always I rock a nude lip which is either the NYX, London or Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid, Nude Thrill.

My fashion guilty pleasure is....
Handbags. I never think twice when it comes to handbags.

What trends are you currently following?
I am not really one to follow trends. I don’t have any that I am following at the moment.

How do you complement your outfits?
I wear midi rings religiously and of late I am so in love with fedora and a girl always has to have a
stylish/statement handbag.

My favourite era is....
The 90s simply because my mum used to dress me cute and she experimented with my looks which I

really enjoyed. My mum was a tailor so she made all these clothes for me mimicking what was on tv.

Fashion tips to men and women?
When in doubt, keep it simple.
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