Hello good people.
How have you been?
The sun is out and that means am back to my simple leggings and vest for casuals. 
The cold and rainy season that seems to have died got us laying a lot of outfits: jackets, sweaters, heavy pants, scarves, boots and gloves to keep warm.
 Its time to throw away all those heavy outfits and bring out the light and comfortable ones.

I am overly obsessed with yoga pants. They are light and very stretchy making them very comfortable to move around in. The light fabric also allows ventilation especially during the hot days meaning you won't sweat. Comfort has become the new sexy.

Few years ago we saw our favourite celebrities and models on the runaways rock sporty outfits as casuals and the world did not wait long to embrace the trend and craze about it. They made us want to run to the gym.

Different designs, shades and patterns pop up everyday and being stretchy means that there are all sizes for every body type and size. The fabric is also thick enough to not show your skin, but if you are not comfortable you can wear a long top to cover the butt and thighs or add a second pair on top.

 While buying, check on the quality of the fabric, you do not want a pair that runs out after washing or the first wear. When it comes to pairing, a simple vest or blouse with do and a pair of sandals for a sunny day or sneakers.

The athleisure-craze culture, which is a come back is here to stay so, if you do not have a pair it is time. A black pair is a must have, this is where you start from.  You get to wear the pants to the gym or yoga class(like me) and to your weekend hangouts with friends or running errands. They may also motivate you to hit the gym and achieve your New Year Resolution that you keep postponing.

Today's Outfit:
- Black Yoga Pants.
- Beige Vest.
- Grey Sneakers.

Location - ABC Place.
Photography - Jacky & Kadesa.