Hello good people. How are you coping with the everyday weather changes in Nairobi? We seem to be shifting from Summer to Winter within hours.

On our Fashion Feature today we have Sabrinah. Sabrinah is a final year student at the University of Nairobi taking Political Science & German Studies.  She is 22, a mother and a lover of style. She is versatile when it comes to fashion and loves to try different trends out.

According to her, nothing  feels better than being an inspiration to other people’s sense of style. She likes to keep it simple, unique and classy. Sabrinah recently started her Fashion blog where she shares her style and mummy + daughter twining ideas.

 Describe your style..
 I would describe my style as Chic elegant and simple.

Where do you shop and which is your dream shopping destination
 I thrift and get my stuff from anywhere. 
My dream fashion shopping destinations are New York City and Kuala Lumpur.

My fashion essentials are.... 
My high waist belted pants. They are my latest obsession and up-to now, I own a couple and I am still buying more. I would call them my wardrobe essentials.

My  fashion icons are...
Rihanna and Victoria Beckham.

What is your morning routine?
Well, I just wash my face with regular soap, nothing special except for the twice a week body and face scrubs. As for my fashion routine, I usually have a Cloth-fitting session before I decide on what to wear.

My fashion guilty pleasure is.... 
 Random shoe-buying. It is so satisfying to me.

What trends are you currently following?
I am doing my own thing right now. Kinda like making regular pants more interesting by accessorising them differently and incorporating them into my everyday look. So much fun!

How do you complement your outfits?
I complement my outfits by ensuring I have details on my bags and shoes.

My favourite  era is...
 80s and a bit of 70s where modernity and colours in outfits kicked in.

Fashion tips to men and women?
Be you and ensure comfort in whatever you wear. 
Also, there is never a limit when it comes to fashion so don’t be scared to try new trends out. 

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