Hello Good people. How are you doing? Well I am doing well myself apart from the lecturers' strike which I decided not to whine about. I am taking things as they come and keeping an open mind and being flexible to changes.

What is the difference between Cropped pants and Capri pants? The two look very similar and are used interchangeably, which is wrong.  The difference lies only on the length of the two pants.

Cropped pants end just before or above the ankles while Capri pants on the other hand end at the mid-calf. Capri pants come with tight fitting like what I have here or wide legs which are quite trendy. Capri pants are also known as long shorts or three-quarter pants.

My friend and I went shopping this last Christmas season and we saw these Zara Men pants and the only thing I could think of is my work outfit. The pants had very cool colours for an officially look. What surprised me was the fitting, they are for men but I was lucky to find a beige pair that fit perfectly well and they are high waist.

Crop pants can be worn formally and casually but Capri Pants are strictly casual. But who said a girl can not have her cake and eat it? Well, I love to break rules and make mine when it comes to fashion.
If your work place is as flexible as mine, try these Capri pants with a bright coloured blouse and a pair of heels or doll shoes or sneakers.

Capri pants show off your legs making you look shorter. So, if you are short and love to appear tall, then you should wear Cropped pants and not Capri.
I believe all women oil their legs so, we will not be seeing cracked legs. To those who go an extra mile to shave or wax their legs, thumbs up but well moist legs is enough.

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Location - Picazzo, The Hub.
Photography - @Anthony_Kariuki