What To Wear To Work - Grey Crop Pants & White Tee.

Hello good people.
I hope you are keeping well and warm. After complaining about the heat last week now, we have the heavy rains.

Most of you are students or working class, and the biggest fashion challenge we face is transitioning from campus style to work style. In campus, we are used to casuals from Monday to Monday unless we have a special occasion, which comes along occasionally.

After crossing the bridge, life is different, depending on where you land. Some work places are very flexible and do not bother about what you wear as long as you do your work. Others are still very strict as they used to be 30 years ago, and require you to wear a suit from Monday to Friday.

From my experience, it is good to prepare early, your last year in campus. Buy few pieces of official outfits for interviews and first days of work. Regardless of where you land, some pieces will fit in; a black official dress or skirt, a blouse, official pants and a pair of closed black heels or doll shoes.
In the coming weeks I will be sharing a series of ideas of What to Wear to Work.

The first outfit is a Grey Crop Pant and a White Tee . Crop Pants have been trending for a while and are very classy for a casual or official look. You can never go wrong with a white tee. Pair crop pants with a blouse or a tee-top and tuck in. Adding a blazer on top will make the outfit more official.

When it comes to accessories, less is more. A pair of black heels or doll shoes will be perfect. Jewellery, match your earrings with bracelet and necklace with the ring, but do not match all of them. One or two of the four would also work perfectly well.

Thank you for passing by. Please share with us what you wear to work and your experience transitioning from campus to career life.


Location - Picazzo, The Hub Karen.
Photography - @Anthony_Kariuki