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I hope you are keeping warm stylishly.
Our second outfit on, ‘What to Wear to Work’ series is the classic black skirt.
Women of all ages and across all industries have worn black skirts to work since time in memorial.
If you ask your mum what her first work outfit was, she will tell you it was a black skirt and a white blouse. The two colours are legendary, they never go out of style and they make a great combo.


Black is associated with dark mysteries(black magic, death etc.), but when it comes to fashion it represents formality, elegance, authority and strength and this is exactly what you want to portray at your work place.

Black skirts have evolved and they now come with different designs. Here are few ideas to help you add a bit of class your classic black skirt;

-  Side and front slits are currently trending and what better to add class to your classic black skirt than with a side or front slit that exposes a bit of your leg.

- Buttons instead of the normal zip or a front/side zip.

- Match your black skirt with a top of your favourite colour. Black being a dark colour, it matches with most bright colours.

- Play with the length of the skirt according to your job’s requirements or comfort. Above the knee, length always works out perfectly.

-You can add a blazer on top. I personally do not like blazers, so if I need to cover my arms I would wear a short/long sleeved blouse.

- If you want to look slimmer than you are, black is the colour to go for.

- As always, the less accessorises you wear the better.

- This is one the first pieces you should buy for your formal collection.

- And my all-time favourite, high waist and then tuck in your blouse.

 I paired my double (back and side) slit black skirt with a green sleeveless top with lace details in the middle. I love colour and black goes perfectly well with any bright colour.

 I minimized the jewellery and stuck with my everyday black and white bead anklet and my gold rosary ring and black heels.

When it comes to hair, it is best you keep it very simple and away from your face, a ponytail would be perfect.

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Location - Picazzo, The Hub Karen
Photohrapgy - @Anthony_Kariuki