Hello good people.

I hope you are keeping well and coping with the Nairobi heat.

On today's Fashion Feature we have the ever cool, friendly and stylish Fred Anyona. 
Fred is a digital media strategist, Content Creator and Influencer,
Stylist and fashion Blogger.
He has styled the likes of Larry Madowo and Kagwe Mungai and worked with brands like Infinix Kenya, Kipato unbranded, Angels Hair and Kidosho.

Describe your style....
 My style is a mix and match of all trends, but mostly urban. I can switch it up from dapper wear to casual wear in an instant and still rock it! 
Style for me is styling a pair of black jeans in a way that people will be like “ I am wearing my black jeans like that tomorrow”

Where do you shop and which is your dream shopping destination? 
I shop all over , from the synchronised sections of Mr.Price to the  thrifted bales of Gikomba and Toi Market. 
I also do a lot of online shopping from sites like Asos.
For my shoes, I have my go-to guy who is the ultimate ‘plug’ for what is new and what I love.
I also support a lot of local designers who create custom pieces for me.
My dream shopping destination would be London, there is something about the Brit way of life.

 My fashion essentials are.... 
Sunglasses, Sunglasses and Sunglasses.
I am a lover of eyewear and a good pair of shoes.

 My  fashion icons are....
Kanye West for his versatility in fashion and style.

What is your morning beauty and fashion routine?
I would love to say, have a litre of water and meditate, but I have no regiment or routine . I wake up praying I don’t have a stray pimple or zit. 
I do wash my face with Dettol Skincare which is I would recommend anytime any day.
Fashion wise, I prepare at least three options of what would be my OOTD. More like ‘how to wear this shirt in three ways’

My fashion guilty pleasure is.... 
 I can spend a lot of money on shoes. And one can never have enough pairs, 20 and still counting.

What trends are you currently following?
I am extremely keen on the androgynous wave in fashion, I loved the Moschino Pre Fall 2018 and Fall Winter 2018/2019 collection.
 I am also closely following African brands and designers that are using print and colour palettes to design and create contemporary African pieces like Cris Njoki or Ikojn (Kenya) and Adebayo Okelawal of Orange Culture (Nigeria) .

How do you complement your outfits?
I love brass jewelry a lot. There was a point in my fashion life when it was about the piling up, however that has changed and I wear simple pieces and minimal jewelry.  Sunglasses are also perfect because they add a whole lot of mystery to an outfit.

My favourite  era is.... 
My favorite era is today. 
I live in today and do not think about the past nor future trends.

Fashion tips to men and women....
 For men it is all about rocking the fit. 
It does not have to be too loose or too tight, you just need to know your correct size. 

Ladies, it is about feeling comfortable and not trying so hard.

The universal fashion tip is that dress in what makes you feel confident and what brings out the best in you!

Thank you for passing by.

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