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If you are tall like me or plus size then you know looking for a fitting pair of jeans is not a walk in the park. It is a struggle.

I never get fitting pairs of jeans, they are either too short or over size. I usually buy the big sized ones with a perfect length then have them reduced to fit.

Leggings comeback saved me a lot of hustle. It is a current trend, though dark jeans are really coming up this year and jeans will never go out of style.

Leggings come in very stretchy fabric that can fit any body size. They are also very comfortable and versatile.

Leggings have become my go-to casual pants and the lighter ones double up as my yoga pants.

-  Make sure the fabric is of very good quality.
-  A pair of black leggings is a must have.
-  Play around with a variety of styles and colours to spice up your collection.
-  Be cautious of coming in to contact with sharp objects that can destroy the delicate fabric. While jeans are very durable, leggings can also be if well maintained.
-  If you work out, buy leggings that can also double up as your gym/yoga pants.
-  You can pair leggings with an official blouse, heels or doll shoes and head to work.
-  Pair the leggings with sneakers for a casual look over the weekend.
-  Leggings make the best indoors bottoms.

Photography - @KadesaStudio & @Jackline_Wanjohi

Location - Seven Seafood & Grill, ABC place.

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