Hello good people.
I hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the end of Njaanuary. 

We all have that one or several colours that we hate with all our hearts.

Well, I hate yellow, purple and green.
 I can not tell why I dislike green, it just does not melt my heart at all.
As for yellow, I find it too bright, having in mind I have a light complexion.
During my high school days, colour purple was the in thing due to the dancehall music and since then I associate it with high school and dancehall music.

I got this gorgeous green dress as a gift last year and I could not take my eyes off it. It was love on first sight situation. The green is also very beautiful. The one shoulder and arm details are something else.

This dress got me thinking, there is more to what we see with our eyes. Maybe I could not have bought it because it is green and I hate green, but it turned out to be absolutely stunning.

I decided not to limit myself any more when it comes to fashion. I will be trying out styles that I would otherwise not have. It is time to get out of that comfort zone.

As you got out shopping, look at the details of the outfits and accessories not just the colours and prices.

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Location - Seven Seafood & Grill, ABC Place.
Photography - @KadesaStudios & @Jackline_wanjohi