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On Fashion Feature today we have Wyclife Mageto,  a 22 year old model and student currently pursuing a Degree in Bachelors of Arts (political science, and language and communications), University of Nairobi.

He is the reigning Mr. environment Nairobi County, Mr. ASK Eastern Kenya Branch among many other recognitions just to mention a few.

 His passion lies in fitness and environment conservation. Wyclife's aim is to blend talent and knowledge to spearhead environment conservation and give solutions to other problems facing the society through his platforms and networks.

As a model he majors in fitness, commercials, beauty pageants and high fashion. He has done renowned shows such as The JW Show, SIR JAY Suites Launch, and Nairobi fashion week and also work directly with boutiques and brands such as Genteel and Euro Collections.

Describe your style..
I love to rock sharp elegant fitting suites. However, in some days I do something smart, but casual.
 For the shoes, leather boots does the magic.

Also as a fitness enthusiast I own a lot of training shorts, trunk vests, Nike shoes and hoodies which I normally rock very early in the morning or late in the evening.

Basically, I am a guy who dresses for the occasion, and according to the mood but suites will always be the number one on my list of wears.

Where do you shop and which is your dream shopping destination?
Being a proactive model, I come across a lot of designers during my shows and shoots. It is from these designers I buy my clothes from.

I also have my personal tailor in town that makes my suites.

My dream shopping destination is Italy.

What are your fashion essentials?
Official shoes preferably with laces with a variety of different colours, leather boots, plain colour sneakers, fitting jeans, muscle t-shirts, vests, official shirts, suits, belts, happy socks, ties and  blazers.

My fashion icons are..
Ashock sunny, Eddie Kirindo, Jidenna, Chris Brown, David Beckham and Ryan Gosling.

What is your morning beauty and fashion routine? 
My typical day usually starts at 4am, I get to the gym or morning run depending on whether it is in the bulking or cutting season. My morning workout ends around 5:45 am. I get back to my room take a shower, iron my clothes, polish shoes then take my breakfast.
On a lazy day I just sleep after workouts, as sleep is very essential for muscle growth and beauty.

My fashion guilty pleasure is..
Shopping for shoes and trying to increase my number of suits every chance I get.
Well, they say show me your shoes and I can tell who you are.

What trends are you currently following?
Currently am following a smart casual collection. The most outstanding one being a taste of leather boots, tight jeans, half coats, official shirt, scarfs and trench coats and sweaters.

The aim is to get a blend of all the wears I love in one single look.

How do you compliment your outfits?
I like to accessorize suits with pocket squares, flower lapels and watches, tie clips and designer perfumes.

I may combine some accessories but not overdoing them so as to give the whole outfit the attention and elegance it deserves.

For casual wears I do scarfs and caps when necessary.

Which is your favorite fashion era?
My favorite era was the 70s. It was very smart and simple and perhaps the only accessory one needed was a smile.

Fashion tips to men and women..
Choices of clothes, dress for the occasion, consider the weather and season.

You can be sophisticated and classy but don’t overdo it, or else you will look like a clown.

Don’t go for cheap materials for suits, the style and design may be perfect but quality matters.

Always groom well; maintain high body hygiene, trim your nails, clean hair, wear nice cologne, and drink lots of water. You will be addressed by how you dress!

Follow him on Instagram- @Cliff_Mageto.

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