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On our Fashion Feature today we have Benta Achieng.
She is a runway model, fashionista, mum, business woman and marketer by profession.

Benta has walked for various African  and international designers at
Kenya Fashion Week, African fashion week and done editorial shoots in Denmark and Germany.

Some of the designers include; Adele Dejak -Kenya, Niku Singh -Kenya, Laquan smith -USA, Barbra I Gogni- Denmark, PratimA pandey -India, David Tlale -South Africa, Kingsley Nwosu-Nigeria, Lisete Pope -Angolat and the list is endless.

1. Describe your style ..
My fashion style is a mix of chic style, a bit of casual style; jeans and T-shirt and street sexy look.
The style mostly depends on my mood that morning or my daily task.

2.Where do you shop and which is your dream shopping destination? 
 I have no specific place for fashion shopping. I am the type who will spot a nice look walking around at fancy malls or clothes stores, could be in Nairobi or Kampala and I get it .

3. My fashion essentials are...
Anything that blends with my style of the day. It can be a belt, designer handbag, cool sunglasses or even a hat.

4. My  fashion icons are...
Nicole Murphy, Michele Obama and  Victoria Beckham.

5. What is your morning beauty and fashion routine?
 A good night sleep makes me an early bird. My routine is really simple depending on the day; bathe, makeup and dress up.
I never forget a good Sunscreen.

6. My fashion guilty pleasure is.... 
Shoes, Sunglasses and handbags.
If I spot one that I like, I will buy and think about it later and justify the worth.

7. What trends are you currently following?
I am following cute sporty looks, body suits, and colour blocking .

8. How do you complement your outfits?
Most of my outfits are a bit casual, meaning they require less accessories. Pearl ear studs, watch and a
handbag make the day.

9. My favourite  era is....
The 80s. There was a lot of creativity that happened in the 80s  that is still being replicated to date.

10. Fashion tips to men and women?
Dress appropriately for your age, comfortably, current, and come up with a style that speaks about You.

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