Hello good people.
I hope your Christmas plans are coming along well.

Pencil skirts have been around for a while now and they are here to stay.
If you are a trends follower this is one of the outfits that people will be rocking come 2018.

*Add colour and patterns to your pencil skirts collection. Bright colours like red and blues and stripes.
*Depending on the colours of the skirt, pair it with simple elegant blouses to work or a vest for casual look.
*Get pencil skirts with front and thigh high slits that are trendy.
*I am obsessed with high waist and I will recommend high waist pencil skirts for formal look any day.
*Formal or casual, you will still stand out and look classy. Wear them to work and social events.
* The length of the skirt also matters. It can either be knee length or below the knee.
* Shoes - Depending on the occasion, you can wear heels for formal and sneakers for casual.
Wearing sneakers with dresses or skirts is another trend you need to try if you haven't yet.

Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be.

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