Hello good people.
When was the last time you ate a plate full of a variety of cakes? Well, as for me, it was few weeks ago during this year’s cake festival at the KWS grounds.
 This was my first time attending and I was very optimistic and excited about the cake sampling, baking lessons and adventure.

The festival being a family affair, it had attendees of all ages and from across the whole country.

The annual event is a get together for bakers, exhibitors and sponsors who are passionate about all things baking.

I had not seen so many (over 200) bakers in one place before. I didn’t even imagine we had so many bakers in the country. They had all manner of creative designs and flavours of cakes.

When it came to entertainment they also didn’t disappoint. We were treated to live band performances, dancing competition from students (recall the high school funkies), games and baking lessons.

The event was one of a kind. At the entrance you are given a plastic bowl and fork to be served cake in as you sample. The cakes were too much to eat at once that guys were given or bought boxes and bags for take away.

My most favourite activity was the bakers' competition. The competing cakes were a sight to be hold. If I was one of the judges, I would have declared each one of them as the winning cake.

It was a great opportunity for exhibitors to interact with their clients and attract new ones. The festival also creates a platform for upcoming bakers to showcase their work and learn from the established ones.

The festival is organized by Edumed Trust since 2009. The Trust’s aim is to create awareness and funds to support bright needy students in Kenya through scholarships for their secondary school education.

We all went home elated and most importantly, grateful for an opportunity to help students further their dream of education.

Fun. Learn. Share.