I'm tired of taking women out for dates.
Women who sound like rules in the books and I'm anarchy sitting across the table
Women who talk of half ass love and handsome kids
because ugly kids become villains in the movies;
and we are all acting up in this reality
Women who call a man out and don't pay the bill for a tot of coffee because men should
Insecure women looking for an army in an adult boy
Women struggling to sound like their mothers
Women with hearts in cities between their thighs
And minds in hills behind those cities
Women thinking liberation
is rigid delineations marked by a flag of steel
because there is a place where being a girl ceases.

I want to date a girl;a child.
I want to date a girl I will find fixing faulty plumbing
because it is simpler than the science of being half ass
I want to date a girl, a child that hasn't been hijacked into slavery of womanhood
Somebody who will forget she wasn't the one to ask for sex first
because it is unsaid crime to
A girl who will grab me out of my skin
in the middle of the streets and kiss me like there is her life in my mouth
A child who will not protect herself from me because I'm not war
and she isn't secrets
A girl who wants a boy because
I'm a child and careless
and don't know how to imprison innocence in a tender heart
whose walls breaks in joy or pain
at turn of every event for I don't know how to be half human called a man.
A girl that will hold my hand to the gates of teenage
and point to the first disappointment saying;
this is the first beacon into slavery,
of one committing suicide in their skin
because this is a city without children
and we are a girl and a boy seeking to run in the rain holding hands; let's rebel.

     © Kiambi

Today is #PoetrySaturday at RENS BOOK CLUB and Kiambi, one of the members, decided to treat us (for the second time) to his provocative and fluid work of art.