Hello good people.

If you know me in person or you have been following my style posts, then you must have noticed I am always in high-waist pants and skirts(the few times I wear them), be it official or casual.

I have no particular reason why I am obsessed with the high-waist style. I started wearing high-waist pants and tucked in tops, back in 2014, when they were trending as an official look. And after the trend went out, I still continued with it and I came to own it.

Away from my obsession, there are a couple of reasons why you need to wear high-waist pants or skirts.
The part of your body above the belly button and below the boobies is the smallest part of your mid-section. If you wear your skirts or pants at this part, it gives you a small waist kind of a look. A natural small waist is not easy to come by, but that does not mean we cannot try out some of these looks.

The style also brings out your body shape from the waistline to the bottom showing the curves. Especially for the people who are plus size, the style shows the top and bottom part of the body as separate, instead of one.

If you love to tuck in your tops, then high-waist is the ideal style for you. It gives a continuous look from the top to the bottom.

For those us who love crop/bra tops and you do not want to show too much skin or you do not have the Abs, then high-waist pants/skirts will help you cover the tummy and only leave minimal skin showing.

Outfit of the day.
White high-waist pants.
Leather and lace back sleeveless top.
Black strappy heels with silver details.

Location – Tin Roof cafĂ©, Karen
Photography - @Anthony_Kariuki.

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