Hello good people.

I recently joined the bespectacled club.
I have never imagined myself in glasses, macho nne.
But life happens and you find yourself in situations and place you have never thought of.

After going round all optical shops, trying at least seven frames in each and consulting my friends who have been there longer, I settled for this particular pair of specs, Queen Cat from Baus.

I loved the colour, size and the metallic handles.
Being something I will have to wear everyday, I had to pick one that goes well with all my clothes, be it official or casuals.
I also had to consider durability, hence the gold metallic temples, which I found very classy.
The shape is also very versatile.

I am told I look like a geek in this pair of spectacles.
 I still can't tell how exactly I look but one thing for sure, I look different.

Outfit Of The Day;
Black tights.
Black and green vest.
Black heels.
Black and white anklet.
URU bracelet.

Photography - @Anthony_Kariuki
Location - Tin Roof Café, Karen.

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