An Insightful Perspective On Love Hunger Pangs by Kiambi.

I find it strange that people find it strange that I never had a girlfriend at my age or ain't hooping between girls legs. Aren't you lonely? They ask. I ain't going into explaining or discussing why I don't.

Other than earning something to keep you fed,clothed and being a proud owner of functioning genitals; the two which are regarded as the major abilities to manufacture and raise a family, what is special about you!?

Why do you want someone? Why do you want to be loved? Don't you think you are just someone on low life energies and all you want is someone who you can get high on love so that you can forget how miserable you are. It basically means that you are desperate for a dose of dopamine, oxytocin, and other love chemicals, and because it is illegal to abuse drugs more that it is to abuse people and relationships, you hitchhike on someone you are/is able to emotionally manipulate till desire for getting high wears off or gets boring. You can not be alone because you would die of loneliness. No, you cannot be alone because you are an energy vampire, you would starve yourself to death. You need someone to be moody at, someone to be mad at, someone to have sex with, somebody to blame when you break up with them, somebody you can dump your misery in, a host you can be a parasite on, somebody you can narcissistically manipulate so that you can feel important and in control. You are plainly a psychopath who is running from the dingy prison you are inside of you.

You are weak, you are empty, you think that void can be filled by stuffing someone inside you, you want to fit in by doing so because that's how everyone else does it, that's how the books say; you enter into a relationship. You want to be married and bear kids to please your parents, get respected by the community and get dip into consensual shit of getting screwed up and equally fucking everyone else attached to you. You want to be accepted. That's why you are desperate looking for tall handsome man or a fine dumbass to go show off that you have an agreeable sense of taste which is within the borderlines of ignorance and depths of superficiality. You want to seem wanted and valuable in the conventional sense. Then you begin breaking up easier than butter because you luck in fundamental humanistic principles which maintain and thrive such status.

 Like tell me, how much love do you generate if you are not under circumstantial obligation to love someone? Well, if much, why don't you thrive on it other than go seeking it? Love doesn't run around tripping over hearts looking for home and complaining how it is hurt, it is home itself. That's why the capacity to be alone is the capacity to love.

    © Kiambi

I wish to thank Kiambi for sharing his provocative and fluid poem with us. Kiambi describes himself as, a no one who is a poet and likes to remain anonymous.

Thank you for passing by and enjoy the last day of your Easter holiday.

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