How To Wear A Blazer.

Hello good people.
One of  my  dapper friends, Edward Ram, offered to share with us tips on how to wear  a blazer.
This came at the time when I  am planning to incorporate more men's fashion into the blog.

A blazer can be matched with paisley, striped, checked, or solid ties. For those men who can wear with confidence, a blazer with a bow tie makes for a manly impression that is often dismissed as old fashioned. Sadly, this classic piece of menswear is seen just as that: out dated and only something men in their 50’s would wear. With a dash of knowledge and a sprinkling of personality, you can wear the blazer jacket and will look good doing it.

A man wearing a tailored blazer with complementing trousers and shoes will attract more attention than a young, blazers-less man who struggles to keep his tie in front of him during those windy days. A tailored blazer will give you a better figure because of its cut and style.

For a classic 1930s look, a navy or striped blazer with white or off white flannel dress shirts looks great. With a light blue flannel or khaki pants, and green tie or ascot and maybe a cornflower or Edelweiss boutonniere, you will look very debonair.

If spectator shoes in brown and white are too much for you, white buckskin shoes or shades of brown  including oxblood red will work well.

Chinos in khaki really make navy pop, and with a shared military background it is also historically a good companion. No matter if you opt for a fuller cut with pleats and cuffs or if you prefer a flat front, narrower and shorter cut, chinos go very well with a blazer. Don’t shy away from different colors: green, yellow, light blue, Nantucket Red… all work with a navy blazer.

Most men won’t necessarily think of combining corduroy  or cavalry twill trousers with a blazer but in burgundy, beige, rust or even a lighter brown – the combination can look quite stunning.

We wish to thank our model,  Zeddie Loky for being featured on today's post. He is a renowned Kenyan fashion designer based in New York.

To the stylish guys or those who to want to learn more about fashion , feel free to share on the comment box what you would love see on men fashion segment.