Designer: Glamour Fashion & African Designs.

Hello good people. 

Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.
    Michael Kors.

I promised a designers feature on fashion segment and here it is. 

The first fashion house to grace our page is Glamour Fashion &  African Designs. The brand was started back in 2009 by Jacinta Auma. The designs are unique African style with a blend of Western designs ranging from bridal, casual, traditional, smart casual to corporate.

The brand is inspired by African culture and the blend of Western style to bring out the real beauty of modern African woman.

Their clients range from ordinary women to celebrities like; Nyota Ndogo, Ameleena and Fridah Mwaka- Tukuza show host, just to mention a few.

Fabrics are a very important asset of any fashion designer and Glamour Fashion & African Designs uses a variety of fabrics; maasai shuka, khanga, lace, soft linen, vitenge and bridal fabrics. They are sourced from local markets, India and West Africa.

The designs have been showcased at Kisumu Fashion show and will be at Aberdeen Fashion Week this April.

Apart from being a fashion designer who loves God, fashion, shopping and exploring fabrics and prints,Jessie is also a stylist, blogger and a student.

You can find them at Bestlady Cosmetics Center Building, Ronald Ngala Street, 2nd floor, shop 85.

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