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1. Beauty is... 
Beauty is perception. Beauty is what we see with our eyes and feel with our hearts. But the other version of beauty: makeup, skincare and everything in between.

2. What is your daily beauty routine? 
I cleanse my face, moisturize, use sunscreen then I put on my makeup. I put on makeup differently everyday, just because everyday is different.

3. My secret to a flawless skin is.... 
Drinking lots of water and eating well. Apart from that, a good skincare routine.

4. Top 5 beauty products that every woman should have
A good moisturizer, sunscreen, a good powder, a brow product and red lipstick.

5. Current beauty trends you are dying for 
I love the matte liquid lipstick trend. I don't think I will ever stop wearing those. I also love the 'No makeup' makeup look.

6. Have you ever had beauty struggles? 
Of course. I may be a makeup artist but before that I was really struggling to do eyebrows.

7. Mistakes women and men make when it comes to beauty.
Using the wrong products for their skin types or complexion.

8. What do you love or hate most about make-up ?
What I love most is the diversity of looks and products. The process of applying makeup is so much fun. The thing I hate most about makeup is industry-related. I hate people expecting makeup artists to work for free or people who want to pay artists peanuts. Products out here are not cheap.

9. Beauty pampering that you enjoy the most
I really enjoy doing facials.

10. Beauty tips to women and men. 
Love the skin you're in.
Use the right products for you

She is a fashion and beauty connoisseur with a penchant for humour and perfect grammar. She is also a content creator and an owner of two websites; and She is a professional make up artist, Masters' student and an entrepreneur.