Hello good people.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
     Leonardo Da Vinci

Many are times we struggle to look for the most luxurious or best outfit in our closets or stores. We complicate our lives everyday, forgetting that simplicity is the real beauty.
It's not always about the cost or designer but other small details that can break or make your look.
The simplest of all your outfits are the ones with a hidden jewel, you just need to find it.
How can you make a simple outfit look elegant?

If you wear oversized or tight clothes the result will not be appealing, regardless of the price. Have your clothes fitted perfectly by a tailor in case you bought the wrong size or added or lost weight.
Similarly, some outfits will make you look bigger or smaller, get to understand your body.
If the trend is oversized clothes,like we are having this year, let is fall on your body beautifully without looking like the clothes are wearing you.

Clothes are meant to fall elegantly on our bodies. But some fabrics may not do so especially if it's the wrong size.

Pick your fabrics well, there are those that look horrible after the second wash.
Maintenance is key.

 Having wrinkles on the clothes are the waste fashion mistakes. There are fabrics that must be pressed, so avoid them or have them and iron every time.

Some colours blend in together perfectly while others are not meant to be. Depending on your complexion pick colours that blend in together; matching or blocking.
This year's colours are neons, mostly different shades of yellow.
 Stains from foods and drinks or sweat on armpits are unavoidable and they change the original colours of our outfits. After you stain your clothing make sure you remove it with detergents/ vinegar/salt/lemon.

They can spoil your outfit or make it stand out. The shoes, jewelry, belts and hats are meant to complement the outfit.
One statement accessory is enough, let the rest be simple.
You also don't need to wear or carry everything, go with what works out with the outfit.

Simplicity is the keynote to all true elegance.
    Coco Chanel.

The Outfit;
Black leggings.
Lace top.
Masaai sandals.
Bead anklet.

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Let us keep it simple.

Location- Milele Beach hotel
Photography- @anthonykariuki