Happy New Year good people. 
I pray and hope that 2017 will be a year of prosperity and happiness to each one of you.
For the one year I have been blogging I have learnt that most of us do not know some of the pieces we buy and wear everyday. We buy very beautiful outfits not knowing their names and details. So long as it is nice, fitting and affordable we don’t care about the details.
This discovery led me to starting a campaign on Instagram, twitter and Facebook; #20daysoffashiondictionary. The campaign was to showcase different outfits and styles that we see and hear of everyday for both men and women. 
I wish to thank the guys I featured on the campaign and everyone who was following and sharing their thoughts. I hope you learnt something. 
I promise to continue sharing more #fashiondictionary as often as I can. 
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Now that the campaign is over, I thought I should start the year by sharing the whole campaign from day 1 to 20 here. 

Day1- Duster coat.
A duster coat is a light loose-fitting long coat.
The original duster coats were full-length light-coloured canvas/ linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust. 
Today, dusters are won by both men and women in different colours and designs.

Day2- Mandarin collar.
Mandarin collar is a short unfolded stand-up collar style on a shirt or jacket.
It is often mistaken for Chinese collar.
The style derives its western name from mandarins in imperial china.

Day3- kimono.
A kimono is T-shaped garment with straight-line robes, attached collar and long sleeves.
Kimono originated from japan and was worn by women during ceremonies.
Kimono means ‘thing to wear’.
Today kimonos come in different colours, designs, fabrics and lengths.
They are worn over shorts, skirts, jeans and bikini.

Day4- lapel and lapel pin.
A lapel is a section of a coat or jacket that is folded back at the neck to leave a triangular shaped opening.
A lapel pin is a small pin worn on the lapel of a coat/jacket. It can be ornamental or indicate organization or cause of the wearer.

Day5- jumpsuit.
A jumpsuit is one piece of garment that consist of a trouser and shirt.

Day6-haute couture.
Couture is a French word for dress-making.
Haute means high.
Haute couture are clothes made-to-order and as a one off piece for private clients.
19th century Englishman Charles Fredderick Worth is considered as the father of haute couture.
It is also known as high fashion.

Day7- fedora.
A fedora is a hat made up of soft felt with a wide brim and indented crown. 
The hat is worn as casual accessory or a cover up for a bad hair day.
Day8- Empire waist.
A dress/skirt with a higher waistline above the natural waistline and below bust line.

Day9- double-breasted coat.
A double-breasted coat/ jacket is one with a wide, overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons.

Day10- shirtdress.
A shirt dress is shirt that resembles a button-down shirt.
It is long shirt worn as a dress.

Day11- Culottes.
Culottes are ‘split skirt’ pants worn by women. It is fitting at the waist and very wide at the bottom.
Originally, culottes were meant for women to enable them ride horses- split skirt. 
Today culottes come in different designs, colours and fabrics.

Day12- Monk strap shoe.
A monk strap shoe is one with no lacing, closed by a buckle and a strap.
It is also known as a monk shoe.
It is one of the must-have shoe for any fashion-forward man.
It is worn formally and casually.

Day13- twinning.
Twinning is when two people; mother and daughter, father and son, love birds or friends wear matching outfits.

Day14- bra top.
A bra top is a woman’s clothing that resembles a bra but it is an outerwear. 
This 2017 upgrade from a crop top to a bra top.

Day15- adhesive bra.
An adhesive bra is a bra that is backless and strapless.
It is also called a sticky bra. The bra sticks to the twinnies and holds them in place.
It is the best bra to wear under a backless dress/top.

Day16- Leggings.
A type of a skin-tight garment that covers the legs and worn by both men and women. They are usually ankle-length.

Day 17- Chinos.
These are men trousers made of 100% cotton fabric.

Day 18- Backless/bareback.
It is a design of a dress or top that exposes the back. 
The back is open.

Day19-mule shoe.
Mules are heels that come up high over the top of the foot.
Day 20- off-the-shoulder. 
An off-the-shoulder dress/top is one that exposes the shoulders.
The top is off the shoulders.