Hello good people. 

Who said you must wait for Valentine’s Day to wear a gorgeous red dress?

We tend to dress up when there is an event going on, meaning, we dress up for other people to see us. Why can’t we dress up every day for no reason but ourselves?

  We wait for someone to invite us for dinner, which may take some time. How about you dress up, walk into your favourite restaurant/bar and order for yourself, your favourite meal and drink.

 We work so hard but forget to reward ourselves for the good job we have done or at least for the few baby steps we made and failed.

Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway.
      ~ Coco Chanel 
Wear what you love and makes you feel good regardless of other people’s opinions. Look at yourself in the mirror every morning and say I am beautiful even though I don’t resemble the society’s definition of beauty (complexion, big bust, butt, small waist and long hair).

Fashion is about something that comes from within you.
    ~Ralph Lauren

Bare back/backless trend is in. If you don’t have a dress or a top, it’s high time you get one. Bare back dress/ top is one that exposes your whole back from the shoulders to the waist line.
Make sure your back is well moist and the skin is as good as your face.
This is the kind of dress/ top you do not wear with your normal bra.  For the ladies who have small breast, this is your time to free the twinnies and go bra less. For the ladies who are blessed, get a bra. An adhesive bra is one that is backless and strapless. A fitting size will do a good job holding the twinnies in place.
The panty you wear must be lower on the waist than the dress’s waist line. We don’t want things popping from down there.

Wear the backless dress to a wedding, dinner, cocktail parties and red carpet events and be sure to turn heads.

Carry your confidence with you. This trend requires an upright posture.
Let your back shine.
Red backless dress.
Black strappy heels.

Location-vineyard, Westlands.