Hello good people.
It is my hope you are having a  joyful Christmas and you are looking forward to a prosperous New Year.

A few weeks ago, one of my lecturers attempted to describe the qualities that make a man.
He said; A man needs to be dark and ugly. He doesn’t require a shower every day, the smell of sweat on the man, makes the man. He should have a thick unkempt beard, and if the beard has lice, the better. A man needs to be disorderly and untidy.

I have been laughing and joking about this for days. I think, that was an old-fashioned description of a man.

In modern-day, men are cautious about how they look and behave. Though I am made to understand that there are some men who still don’t shower every day nor spread their beds.

For me, a well-groomed man is one who is neat, clean and well dressed. Here are the vital basics,

The first thing that people see when they look at you is your face and hair style. Men can rock all manner of hair styles from clean shaves to dreadlocks. Whichever hairstyle you love, just make sure it keeps the hair neat.
Depending on where you school or work, style your hair accordingly. Feel free to try out new and different hair styles that match your interest.
 I recently saw a guy rocking white braids and another with a blonde coloured beard!
As a modern man, you will need several hair products and combs to groom your hair and beard. If not, then visit a barber often.
I know of a guy who spends two hours every Sunday at the barber’s!
Trimming your pubic area is also highly advisable.
There are men who are hairy, sometimes the whole body. The choices you have are either to shave or wax or keep the hair trimmed and neat.

Skin is the largest organ of our bodies. We tend to look after the face and forearms, and forget the rest.
In a group of ten men, if you ask them to roll up their pants and shirt sleeves, there is a high probability that half of those men will have dry legs and elbows.
Apply lotion, petroleum jelly, or oils on the body. Do not embarrass yourself when time comes and you must remove your shirt in front of someone.
Several men have an issue with their lips drying up. Avoid licking them, as this makes them dry and whitish. All they need is a little moisture, but don’t moist them with saliva. Instead, apply a little petroleum jelly and if you don’t mind, carry a male lip balm with you.

This is another big issue. There have been debates on whether it’s manly for a man to do a manicure or a pedicure. I do not conform to the school of thought that men who go for mani/pedi are girlish or gay.
Rather, I respect such men, for going that extra mile to look good.
You can purchase a mani/pedi kit and you will get all the tools needed for your nails or visit a parlour for your mani/pedi occasionally.
Long nails for men is a NO!
Then there are those men who apply pink or colourless polish … now that’s girlish!
Men have nice and hard nails that don’t break easily. All the nails need is a little cutting and filing.

First, having a shower at least once a day is a must. A good shower will leave you fresh. It is okay for a man to spend ten minutes showering and spend some time in front of a mirror.
For those people who are prone to sweating, this is normal and healthy. For such people, they need to use a roll on and body sprays to do away with the sweat odour and prevent too much sweating.
Cologne is not a must for all, but if you can find yourself a signature scent you are good to go.
Men have good spray and cologne flavours unlike ladies who have majority of theirs in flowery flavours.

Clothes and shoes.
The clothes must be clean and well pressed. Some fabrics like jeans are not supposed to be washed every week, so wipe with a clean cloth after wearing, fold then and store them.
The shoes must be clean or well-polished always.
The clothes should also be well fitting. Buy clothes that fit perfectly or have them designed and tailored according to your body size, shape and style.
Many ladies have a problem with men who sag their pants. Sagging sells a teenage look. All the same, if you decide to sag, please make sure the underwear you are showing us is clean and stylish.

After you accomplish all the above basics, now you can venture into style and trends.

Our gratitude goes out to our model, Sir Glen Bryson. Glen is a fashion blogger and designer and a certified image consultant.

Appearances matter-and remember to smile.
-Nelson Mandela.