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Hello good people.
I recently attended an event themed; A Touch of Africa. I dressed as per the theme but I did not expect majority of the guests to. As Kenyans or Africans in general, we are known not to consume our products. We tend to appreciate other countries styles and less of our own.
However, I was shocked to see everybody wearing or carrying a piece of Africa, from accessories to outfits. Quite evident were the different African designs, colours, fabrics and patterns.
I surmised that every one of us has an African piece, we just choose to hide them at the corner of our closets.
The beautiful African catalogue of styles that I saw, made me believe, we can wear _African by Africans _ anytime of the day and still stand out of any crowd. I believe we have creative, authentic and awesome designers who match up to the world class quality and creative designs.
I hope you get inspired to add a piece of Africa to your official and casual collection.

Kitenge skater skirt.
White and black polka dots spaghetti top as seen here.
Black strappy heels
New look perf bag.

Location- vineyard, Westlands


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