Hello good people.

We all know the benefits of wearing high heels. High heels make your ‘sitting apparatus’ pop out, and who does not love a big butt. Heels also give you confidence when you are walking. Heels are also feminine. The irony is that heels were originally worn by men, then things changed.

At the same time, we have been told often, that too much high heels causes back and feet pain. The only time women avoid heels is when in bed and when pregnant, although (some still wear heels to the labour wards).

Away from the negativity of heels and let’s talk of style and adventure. Lately, ladies are embracing sneakers, which we thought were meant for men or tomboys. Sneakers give you total comfort, especially if you are walking for a distance. I have seen ladies wear sneakers with casual dresses and skirts, pulling off a gorgeous look!

 Sneakers are not meant for official look unless you work in one of those places where you wear jeans on Mondays, tweet every minute and have a bed next to your desk.

Sneakers come in handy when you are going for a walk, hike and bike rides.

We have a variety of sneakers; from unisex, feminine sneakers to boyfriend sneakers. Spice up your casual collection with a pair of sneakers. Pair the sneakers with jeans, shorts, skater dresses and skirts.

Navy blue jeans
White and black polka dots spaghetti top
Black and white stripped top.
Massimo Dutti white sneakers
Black and white beaded anklet.

Location- vineyard, Westlands

Photohraphy- @anthonykariuki



  1. The sneakers are lovely...really nice pictures...an amazing post all together...cheers to the good work