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I wrote this article few weeks ago as a guest post on my friend's blog and I thought I should share with you guys. 
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We have all heard of women with beauty and brains. I tend to think all women or at least most have beauty and brains. Some people may disagree and say brains or intelligence is in-born while others believe it is acquired.
In this day and age where some countries like Kenya offer primary school education for free. Most girls have acquired some education and more are acquiring it. No one is stupid. I also believe no one was born stupid.
Everyone is born with at least an average intelligence. It is only through one’s experiences and exposure in life that we become more or less intelligent. This is the reason why some are more intelligent than others.
Everyone is born with at least an average intelligence.
That said, all girls have brains, from the ones who went to ‘group of schools’ to those who study under trees. With inborn intelligence plus basic schooling ‘stupidity’ hence becomes a choice.
The bible tells us that, we were all beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God. Meaning, all women have beauty. But, when living in a society that defines beauty by the size of a woman’s breast, behind, waist, length of hair, skin colour and height it is really difficult to believe we are all beautiful. Society is diminishing womens’ confidence to a level where some are now despising the way they look.
This has led to all manner of cosmetic body changes from bleaching to surgery in search of that perfect body. God cannot be so unfair that a woman can lack in all those qualities that society defines as beauty. Very few, if there is any, have all these qualities together.
They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The definition and perception of beauty according to Sam is different from Dick’s. If everybody had confidence in their beauty, we would all end up becoming beautiful. After all, both the bible’s view and the society’s view, has it that we are all beautiful in our own ways. This then shows that all women have beauty.
Having shown that all women are beautiful and intelligent, we can now talk about the women who chose to mute their brains and use their ‘beauty’.
Of female students who choose not to attend classes and opt to only do exams because classes are a waste of time, furthermore, sexually transmitted grades are easier and time saving.
The young women who graduate decide not to make good use of their degrees but instead opt to sell their bodies for money in the name of team-sponsor, a young woman proudly flaunting with her ‘bae’ who is twice the age of her father!
Women who decide not to work, because they were born to party and spread their legs all over for money. Intelligent women who want nice clothes, shoes, a car and an apartment but don’t want to work to earn them. Physically alluring women who want to travel all over the world at the expense of a man.
Sometimes you wonder why these women were given brains for free and taken to school if all that ends up being a waste.
They are the same beautiful, intelligent women who break other women’s marriages and relationships. Women who are very comfortable and proud at helping men cheat.
Women who have decided not to get their own men but have become husband snatchers’. Women who don’t want the struggle of dealing with a man every day but want a man once in a while to have fun with and spend his money.
Educated women who decide to jump from one bed to another because they are beautiful. Older women who are leaving their matrimonial beds to go in search of adventure with young college boys who are their sons’ age.
Talented women who decide and accept to sleep with producers, bosses and politicians for fame and money in order to shorten their journey to success. They want to succeed fast without making any effort.
Shameless women with master’s degrees and doctorates who want to become leaders by not winning citizens hearts but by winning beds of men for political support. Women who consciously decide to present their bodies for an interview instead of their papers and brains.
Women who are out there to bring down other women who are using their brains. Expressing hate and jealousy for no good reason.
Do will still need to fight for women to be treated equally with men? Do we still need feminists? Do some of these women even deserve schooling? It is unfair for men to compete with these muted brains.
Beauty and brains has lost meaning.
To all those women who have muted their brains, please stop embarrassing the rest of us who are working hard day and night using our brains and hands in this unfair world to make ends meet and succeed.