Skater Dress.

Hello good people.

This is a second post featuring a plus-size model. Plus-size people tend to struggle with what to wear. As a result, they settle for what is available.

If you are a plus size lady or man out there, you don't have to confine yourself to, predominantly, black oversized outfits. 

Embrace your body and stay stylish. To do this, try different designs that you like and if you cannot get your size, get it tailor made for you. You can also liaise with shops that major on big sized outfits and accessories. 

Most importantly, your size shouldn’t be an excuse for bad dressing. Plus-size people can be sexy, stylish and comfortable in their skin, if they made that choice. 

In this feature, we are exploring skater dress style as a plus size lady.  Both skater dresses and skirts have been trending for a while now, better yet, both are also very stylish.

The beauty of skaters is that they suite any body size from petite to plus-size. Their style also ranges from official to casual dressing. Any style that can be donned on different occasions is always the best. 

Lastly, it’s good to move away from your comfort zone and try out different colours and fabrics.

Our gratitude goes out to the beautiful @arabella our model for sharing her style with us.