A Letter To My Future Employer. By Clive Lupao.

As I pin my pen on paper am lost in words like Beyonce is lost in love .
The argument that I have within myself is so strong, so strong like placing a bet for Sevilla on Sportpesa.
I too don't know what that meant either huh ? The irony ...
Dear my future employer; allow me to say something, Because to say something I want.  The in thing about my past.  The in thing about the shadow that education has cast upon me . Why?
Why our parents insist so much that we go to school, yet marvel so much at how rich Richard Branson is...huh? The irony ...
Why we call our prisons correctional facilities yet don't see the utility of giving street children the ability...Huh? The vanity.
Why some principals barr students from going for games. Yet constantly look forward to the weekend to watch how Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi ply their trade in European football...huh? The umama...
 With pastors that preach charity yet own private jets.
With MPs that condemn laziness but are constantly seen sleeping in parliament.
With evangelists that preach "panda mbegu" yet know nothing about farming. Huh? The kanyarity...
Dear my future employer. Am not perfect coz I know you ain't perfect either. But did Bill gates build Microsoft with certificates ? Will you still take me in if I showed up with certificates from the university of river road  ?  Or something closer to that?Nairobi Aviation College?
Many of us would like to get employed.  But very few of us would volunteer to get deployed. So then, my future employer . do we do it for the money? Or for charity . Need more clarity ? Lets look at some statistics.
Larry Ellison
Steve Jobs
Wangari Maathai
Mother Teresa
David Green
Dave Thomas
Michael Jefferey Jordan
Michael Jackson Jeffrey....
All of these people made a great impact in life without certificates. And if were to draw a family tree with all these ? Employment and skills would be related ..but certificates ? Would probably be some distance cousin .
So then. My future employer
Am writing this not because am a job seeker. Not because am a shoe licker. But Because am a future prospector. And if you don't comply. I will be your ass kicker.
Peace !!

Clive Lupao is a student at the University of
Nairobi pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, a web and software developer, performing arts artist, You Tuber, Voice Over Guy and the Marketing Director and brand ambassador of Mystical Royal Adventures. He is what we call a dynamic entrepreneur and sometimes close associates refer to him as the master of many trades.

Check out his YouTube channel for striking performance art.