Weather Forecast

Hello good people.
I am hoping you are keeping yourself warm in this cold weather. Over the years, Kenya has experienced climatic changes. The cold season is now longer, running from June to August unlike before when it used to end in July. We have no option but to bare with it. I have a feeling that, years to come we will have winter and probably snow, who knows! The worst part in this weather is its unpredictability. You wake up to a bright and cool morning, then a few hours later, it starts freezing.  Moreover, it might even rain a good one.
With such uncertain weather, what to wear becomes a predicament. You might wear the best warm outfits you own, only to have a hot afternoon or dress light and you face light showers in the afternoon.
It becomes such a challenge in deciding what to wear. However, the best bet is to check out how the weather turns out in the morning,  this should give you a guidance, and then, be a little bit cautious. Mornings and evenings normally turn cold or even rainy.
Wear moderate outfits; not so heavy or light outfits, when there is some warmness in the morning, but in this season, its nice to carry a light Jacket too.  If the weather is chilly, still throw in a jacket or a sweater.
Ladies, try wearing stockings underneath your pants, dress or skirts to stay warm.
Men, wear a t-shirt in addition to a vest under the shirt.
This also happens to be the best time to carry scarves, snoods or hats with you.
Black is the best colour for outfits in a cold season, they absorb heat.
A cup of coffee or tea can also help.

Today’s outfit.
Black tailor-made pants.
Pink crop top.
Black trench coat.
Black heels.

Location-UoN grounds.

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