Brighter Monday.

Hello good people.
I am hoping your Monday is going well.
 Mondays are the least enjoyable days of the week. After a long weekend full of fun, relaxation, and catching up with friends and family, on Monday we all go back to serious business; school and work. Most are the Monday mornings we wake up late, hangover at hand, tired and low in spirit. Combine all that with traffic and a lot of stuff to do during the day and your first day of the week easily becomes a boring one. It is one of those days that appear longer than usual, especially with the current cold weather.
Somehow, we need to brighten up our Mondays.
One way of brightening them is by wearing bright colours. Colours have magic. Bright colours like red, pink, blue and white will surely brighten your day. Bright colours bring out a happy and luminous mood.  Go a step farther and try out florals or different patterns that incorporate varying colours. Try this whenever you feel down.
With bright colours, your Mondays will never be the same.

Today’s outfit
Free shoulder floral dress.
White doll shoes.

Location-UoN grounds.

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  1. Amazing,.. for a moment there I thought this ain't UoN haha

  2. It is such a beautiful location.