Hello good people.

 Floral trend has been on a roll for a while now. These are dressing designs where flower prints are integrated on dresses, skirts, shorts and tops. The prints have also been embraced by men although minimally. These floral outfits are fun, modern, lovely and colourful.
Add floral outfits in your collection, from bright to dull colours and choose different sizes and patterns of flowers.
With floral outfits minimize on accessories because those flowers will be shouting already.
When rocking floral pants, shorts or skirts wear a plain coloured top.
You can also wear two different floral patterns with varying colours at the same time. Make sure the two have a similarity to avoid crashing.
On most times floral outfits are worn casually. 
To spice things up also add floral inspired designs to your corporate collection for work and meetings.
 Moreover, floral outfits are also classy for a wedding and the beach.
You will be sure to turn a few heads in floral inspired dressing.


Black cap-sleeve floral dress
Brown leather bag.

Brown tribal pattern doll shoes.

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