Hello good people.

Since time in memorial, Muslim (especially Arabs) have preserved their dressing culture. They are the most conservative people in the world. They have remained true to their traditions regardless of education. In the recent past, we have seen women embrace this conservative dressing, even the ones that are not bound by faith and culture. We have seen the trend on fashion magazines and runways. Designers have come up and are designing outfits for these beautiful women. Away from the traditional monochrome, they have added colour and style. It is no longer a culture or faith thing only, but a fashion trend. One thing we learn from this trend is, looking good and classy has nothing to do with showing skin.

Hijab-a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women, covering the hair and neck.
Niqaab-a covering for the muslims that seek to cover their whole face except the eyes.
Jalbab-a type of hijab that is longer and tends to cover a woman`s body more.

The covering of the Muslim do not in a way lower their beauty or make the inferior. It is in fact our pride. I cannot imagine myselfy moving out without my hijab, I feel my identity is lost. Hijab women are still liberated, modern and their beauty is just like the moon, even when covered, it still shines through.
      Salma Abdulatif

I wish to thank this beautiful and sweet lady Salma, for assisting in writing this article and agreeing to be featured for the second time (guest writer-hopeless in love)

To our Muslim brothers and sisters we wish Ramadhan Karim