Hello good people.

Let us talk about official outfits. Depending on the industry one works at, the dress code differs. We have the traditional official outfits; pants/ skirts, shirts and shirt/blouse. Most of us have worn a white shirt severally, especially school uniform. Many of you have embraced fashion and have added color, style and different fabrics to your official look to make it classier and trendy.
 As much as fashion industry has evolved, formal dressing is still relevant. One mandatory official piece is a white shirt/blouse. White is one of the best colors because it goes well with other colors, cuts across gender and it’s timeless. Whether it’s at the beach or in an office, white as a color fits the occasion since a white shirt can be worn casually or officially.
You have a formal event to attend? Wear a white shirt and nice pants or skirt. You can never go wrong with this. Depending on the season get an appropriate fabric. Long or short sleeved. Accessorize the white shirt with a bow-tie or tie to complement the outfit.
I recently learnt the difference between a man’s and a woman’s shirt from a friend. Men shirts have buttons on the right side while women’s have buttons on the left side.


 A long sleeved white shirt accessorized with a glistening red bow-tie.
  Navy blue high-waist tailor-made pants.
Red wedges.
White and navy blue bag from @ceraaccessories.

Location-The Nairobi Gallery
Photography-Antony and Amara