Hello good people.
Now that my school (UoN) was closed i have a lot of free time to window-shop around as i study for my exams at home. 

Women are impulse buyers. I tend to believe we all are. How can one avoid buying things that you did not intend to when we have at least two boutiques in every building at CBD from Moi to Kenyatta avenue? The clothes and shoes 'call' you by name as you walk to work and school. The owners of these shops being entrepreneurs that they are, place the best of the best on display. The ones that catch your eye through those glass displays. It is worse when the sellers invite you to their shops and promise to give you discounts. Who hates the sound of reduced prices? The online shops that have these beautiful models wearing their outfits and make you believe you will look as elegant as the models are in those clothes.
My curiosity during my late teens led to to the big boutiques around. Window-shopping was my hobby. Of course i could not afford most, if not all the outfits at the malls and uptown side of Nairobi. From women wear to baby shops. My partners in crime and I would get into a shop and ask to try out the most expensive and elegant clothes. The attendants would bring several and recommend the latest thinking we would buy. After we were satisfied we would leave the shop and claim we did not get any of our taste. The last time I visited a baby shop (not that am planning to have a baby any time soon) I was shocked by the prices of those floral tiny clothes. One shop that am yet and planning to visit is a bridal store. Yes, a bridal shop. All dreams are valid. I wish to try out those classy white wedding gowns and feel what brides feel in them. If i wait until the day am getting married, i will have to wait for several years. At my age, I am starting to think of moving out, so most likely you will find me at a furniture and utensils store or electronic section of a supermarket.
Do not just admire and wish you owned one of those elegant dresses and suits you see on display, try them out. Get into those shops and ask to try those expensive outfits. As they say kupima bure (fitting is free).  Keep it classy (this goes out to my ghetto people), you do not want the attendants to know you cannot afford them. The touch of expensive clothes on your skin (that you will have to save for several years to buy) is fulfilling and awesome. Owning that suit for a few minutes gives you motivation to work harder, come back for it and own it forever. To the shoe lovers, visit a shoe store, try several pairs and take pictures if they allow. This also helps you to budget. When you have the money you will have in mind what you want and where to get it. Try shop for what you need and at the right time but window-shop as often as you can to stay updated with the new trends. You do not have to get a loan from M-shwari to buy a dress (though I have done this severally).  Life is too short to keep wishing and whining for everything. Go for what you want and stay true to yourself.
After the dress or suit on display has seduced you, given in, loved the texture of the fabric and the price is good (after bargaining) what next? This is the stage where shoppers make fashion mistakes. Taste, material and price are not the only things you consider while shopping. Those are features of the outfits what about your features. I will help with that.

One thing to consider while buying clothes is your size. It is good to know your body. Are you slim, medium or fat? Some colors, patterns and fabric will make you look bigger or smaller. Black makes one look slimmer. Horizontal stripes make one look fatter. Understand your body size and shop according to it. Most runway models are slim and the clothes look good in them, unless you are of that size then adjust the outfits to fit your size. This habit of wearing short dresses or skirts and keep pulling them down needs to stop. Wear clothes that are of comfortable lengths as you walk and sit.

This goes out to the women and men. Men have few issues when it comes to shape as they are either slim, masculine or plummy. Ladies, this where you have to stand in front of a mirror for hours and try to get what shape you have. We all have ideal shape but it is good to shop according to the actual shape you have. Depending on which part of your body is bigger or smaller dress appropriately. Not all outfits are meant for everybody. For instance, crop tops are classy and trend but if you do not have the abs please do not try them out (unless you know the tricks). Borrow styles but personalize them according to your body shape.

Yes, height. How tall you are. I do not want to say am 6 feet tall (haha. I know what you saying. That I brag a lot about my height).  Different outfits may make you look shorter or taller. Vertical stripes makes one look taller.  For the shorter ladies, wear dresses or skirts that a little bit short as it make your legs look longer. You do not have to sit down and whine about how short you are and how your friends are tall, shop for outfits that make you look tall. Mark my words, am saying, ‘they make you look’ and not 'will make you taller'.  There are things that can change like complexion and size but height, no, you just have to accept and love the one you have as bad or good as it is.
This is a major worldwide challenge. We live in a society that claims that the fairer your skin is the more beautiful you are. This is why we have almost every girl is ‘light-skinned’. Beauty comes from within. Accept and love your skin color be it red, orange, black or white. I wish not to go deep into this topic of bleaching. If you are of dark complexion try out outfits with bright colors and if you are light skinned try dark colors. Some of the fashion rules have to be broken. I love bright colors. So depending on what you love make and break the rules.At the end of the day, it is what makes you feel good that matters.

Blue classy dress that I wear officially and casually (especially church).
Black clutch from @ceraaccessories.
Black high heels. I am always asked why I wear heels yet am very tall. I do not wear heels to look tall because am tall but because I love them. To my fellow tall girls out there, do not shy away from wearing heels.
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