Hello good people. Am turning out to be a bad person, as i do not post regularly as i should.

Who is a wife material?
We all have heard these debate of qualities of a wife material.
I wish not to go deep into it as am a lady, i can only define Husband Material and i will sound like a feminist.
One of the qualities i have heard has to do with a lady's dressing. A wife material should dress in a certain way. Decent and modest(showing less skin).
There is a difference between a girlfriend and a wife.
An emphasis is made on the length of dresses and skirts.
They should be long and not above the knee.
She should be presentable and respectable especially if she will be introduced to the in-laws.
All in all men have a point, there is a particular dressing that you would not want your parents(mostly mum) to see.
She should change her dressing upon marriage to match her new status in life.
My question is, are these not the same men who say their wives are dressing up the old-fashioned way????

A fact is, a lady can still look good while covered up.
Style should is self defined.

An orange printed  Dera. It is a tradition outfit from the Kenyan coast.
 With time it has been embraced by other ladies.
It is very simple and worn casually with flat sandals.
A maxi/long one looks much better than medium length.
Bought it at shop in Mombasa town.
They are available in most cities and can be tailor-made to match a person`s style.

     I wish to thank Ufungamano house for allowing us to shoot there and my team(Sharon and Tony).

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   Thank you for reading.