Hello good people. The past few days has been very hot in Nairobi, sun coming out as early as 9am in the morning. Today we woke up to a chill morning am hoping the rest of the weekend will be cool.
Am wishing you a Happy Easter.
Lately, I have been thinking deeply more than ever.  Am not good in sharing my thoughts, I prefer to keep them to myself (unless am sharing with a fellow crazy person). Today I just feel like sharing.
Looking at myself today and going back two years back these are two different individuals. Have no idea what happened to me. Its either I have changed or grown up (matured). One thing am sure of is, am no longer the same girl. My friends and I have grown apart. We different now unlike before where we used to share everything from interests to sorrows. Most of them got married and have babies (which is a good thing) others got new friends that they relate better. They have also changed. Some of them who used to be good girls when I was bad are now the bad ones, extremely bad. The ones I thought would go straight to heaven without stopping are the heavy weed smokers, with piercings everywhere and all manner of things. We at different levels in our lives. As they worry about rent, house helps and baby care am thinking about shoes, clothes and how hot and cold it is. The worst part is where I miss my past life but as the same time I love the one I have currently. Looking back, I was not such a bad girl, it was a stage and I played it calmly with discipline.
I wrote down few things from dress code to faith to food and drinks.

.This is one area that has changed totally. The other day I was being reminded of the miniskirts I used to wear in my first year in campus (I do not recall wearing miniskirts). I no longer wear miniskirts having in mind these lengths are self-defined. The excuse I now give for not wearing short dresses/skirts is that I have very long, light and nice legs that attract a lot of attention and I hate attention. Two years back I had the same legs and still hated attention. The second major influence to this change is Strathmore University Dress Code Rule where am to be modest. Before I pick an outfit to wear I first consider where am going to, to meet who and at what time unlike before so long as you dressed up and look nice you good to go.

Gone are the days I could not sleep on a Friday or Saturday night. How can you sleep while others are having fan. The music, the noise the dancing and friends. I recall running up and down  at CBD during my high school days (jam sessions). Hooking up with friends from different universities to go party. Knowing about the every upcoming event from Thika to Nairobi. Off late I find peace and enjoy in sleeping, reading a book or watching a movie on Friday. If am attending a party, it is a chilled one not the noisy ones full of drank individuals, the ones that we say have a mature crowd. I found myself a confused girl. One who enjoys peace now but still misses the loud crazy life. I no longer listen to dance hall music though I still love Konshens and Popcaan. I find myself listening to some odd music like country, Rhumba, Zilizopendwa, Techno and love for African music (mostly, Naija music) is out of this world.  Am I becoming a boring individual or is it growing up?
This replaced party life. I ventured into adventure. Found beauty and joy in nature. Going for hikes and nature walks was never my thing, I always thought of myself of a city girl (partying not hiking type). Have hiked at Mt. kenya, Ngong forest (this is the worst experience of hiking so far), Karen Ololua, Karura forest and others. The longest distance is currently 18km, I need to go for a hike very soon and beat my own record. Bird watching, waterfall bathing and swimming in a river are things you see in movies but when you experience they are the best. Good memories I hold close.
This sector has not changed that much. I still eat less than I should, which I think is an inborn thing as I have never been a fan of food since childhood. My mum still complains that I do not eat and am very thin (seriously am not thin). You should hear her narrate how I have a long thin neck and the space between my neck and shoulders is very deep like a ditch because I do not eat. When it comes to drinks, I recently fell in love with wines and I keep falling with every sip I take.. The more I taste and drink the more I want. Am still at the experimenting stage. Am yet to get a favourite, I just love all for now.
Never been a gym person. I do not even find the pleasure in go sit down and watch those masculine men at the gym. This growth has made me get concerned about my health and fitness. The myth that unfit are the plummy (am avoiding the word fat) guys and that if you are of good size then you fit is no longer with mine. The adventure life has really helped me stay fit. The need for fitness and good health (which is because I hate and scared of hospitals) led me to Yoga classes. Yoga classes at Africa Yoga Project, Highridge is one of the best discoveries. Every stretch, and swear is a fulfilment. As tough and sometimes painful as it is at the end of the day you smile and rejoice for a good exercise done.

This is another baby born in me. Am still learning and making mistakes along the way, but press on with an open mind for the future is bright. I believe that entrepreneurship is what will rescue our economy. If 20% of youths are self-employed and each one of them create at least two job opportunities for others then the stories of poverty and unemployment will be history. How will that happen if photographers are arrested and mistreated by City Council Askaris for taking pictures at the public parks and streets?

The last few weeks I have been reading more than ever. Previously I only used to read schoolbooks, fashion magazines and entertainment section of Newspapers. My gratitude goes out to RENS BOOK CLUB for this improvement. The reading culture In Africa need to improve. Reading opens up your brain and takes you place you never imagined before. Am currently reading, UNCOMMON SENSE, COMMON NONSENSE by JULES GODDARD & TONY ECCLES.
Before starting this blog, the last time I wrote something serious apart from an e-mail was my KCSE English essay paper. Days ago, I was going through my school certificates and I came across Certificates I was awarded for exceptional writing at essay writing competitions. Few months ago I started this blog and I wish to thank you my readers for sparing your time to read all these and everyone who pushed me to go for this. I still believe there is room for improvement.
This has grown from not going to church to going to church because am supposed to going to church because I love to be there and the peace of mind I get while am there. I do not recall my Sunday school life. Was not such a church girl. Was taken to Catholic sponsored secondary school. Because my mum believed I would be tamed and disciplined there (like I was a bad girl). The school required every student to attend mass every Wednesday morning and Saturday evening. To me it was a school rule that I was to follow. Half of the mass I would be asleep (God forgive her). During holiday I will get an excuse not to going to church every Sunday. In my last year I decided (I did not decide I think the Holy Spirit must have touched me) to join the Catholic Association, CA (am originally Catholic and baptised at the age of two years), started catechism finished and received the sacraments of Confession, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist. Joining Campus, I joined the St Pauls UoN Chapel community where I met amazing people who have now become my family. Got to learn more about my faith and what God requires of me as His child. Since last year it has been getting better every day and I only hope for better life in Christ.

Thank you for reading feel free to share your thoughts.
Happy Easter and God Bless You.