Hello good people. Am reading this particular book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho .  One thing am learning is that, When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. I would love to share more lessons from this book. I promise to, very soon after am done reading.

 Africa is one of the most blessed places in the world. We  have diverse languages,cultures,style,beauty and more. When it comes to fashion we are behind as other continents embrace their own styles and fashion designs. We are known for not appreciating our own (though a prophet is never appreciated in his home).
Being a Kenyan that i am, am sorry to say this, but we imitate almost everything from accents, music, dressing to walking styles. We have our very own good and original styles but we opt for others. I love West Africans when it comes to fashion. These guys wear their own styled outfits to any event from weddings, music videos to red carpets, both male and female of any age. Not that am hating on Kenya, but do we have our own style? Is there one or two particular designs that can be identified as a Kenyan? Apart from the masaai shuka and the beaded accessories(Wazungu wear them like they own them)
I pray and hope that one day i will walk into a room or street and see more than five people wearing Kenyan or at least African brands. People attending big events wearing clothes and accessories made in and by Kenyans. A white African wedding gown and suits. Our dressing should reflect our stunning African culture.
We need to embrace, buy and wear our local designs. Designers are there but people to wear those designs are very few. We need to believe in ourselves and support each other so that we can grow wholly. We have seen several Kenyans who showcase at international cat walks and fashion events, meaning we have high standards. We have also seen big celebrities wear African brands. If others can, why not us?

 Away from the buyers, as we call on people to buy their own, we know most of them are expensive. That explains the high demand and supply for cheaper imports. Local designers need to get more support from government and other stakeholders like the media. With good financial and marketing support i believe the cost of producing will go done and the end product will be affordable(that is the economist in me speaking). One more thing, lets stick to own very own style(originality will takes us far). Imitation is limitation.

                    TODAY'S OUTFIT
Tailor-made kitenge dress and sandals.
With availability of ankara or shuka, pick one that you like and have it tailor-made any outfit of your choice.
African style or designs range from dresses,pants,shorts,tops,shirts to skirts and are wearable for both male and female.
Depending on the colors, patterns and fabric they can be worn to any event.
It's the simple things in life that are the most extra-ordinary.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share you thoughts and ideas.



  1. I guess another part of the problem could be some of the local tailors are not qualified and majority promise the moon yet don't deliver and they offer substandard work.

    1. Sarah, i agree some are not qualified. But if your get a good stick with him or her and explore your fashion style.