Hello good people. I love the way January ends, a month that most people complain of being broke, and usher in February a month of Love. The month that ladies are treated to expensive date and gifts.
Days before Valentine are difficult ones for men, as the struggle to decide on what to buy for their Loves. Some provoking break-ups to avoid buying gifts. Others weighing options between their mums, ladies or daughters. If you still struggling to decide on what to buy, i have several ideas. Get her either; a dress,shoes,bag,book,chocolates,cakes,flowers,date or any other of her favorite. Of all the gifts that ladies ask for i have an issue with one. Flowers. I do not hate flowers but i prefer something edible like chocolates and cakes.Not that i love to eat, but flowers only smell and look good they do not taste. How on earth would someone ask for flowers? Anyway its not about me.
Kenyan men are said to be least romantic in Africa, but several will spend more than a million on the night of valentine. Millions? That is a piece of land some where or designer clothes and shoes or even a car.(being rational). Who said Valentine's day is for ladies? The person must have been a lady or he/she was very selfish.If its about love then its a two way thing. Ladies should also buy gifts for the gentlemen.  Have read and heard men complain and i finally got their point. Men also need to treated to expensive and romantic dates and gifts. This is their year.  At least the brothers will stop complaining. You can get him either clothings, shoes,book, play station, watch or any other item that he loves. like home-made food.
Personally, i do not find the big deal in Valentine's day, though i love the gifts, pampering and love messages( Happy Valentine's day) allover. Love and affection should the evident throughout the year and not one day of the year. Lets show Love to our loved ones from family, friends and partners.
Where there is Love there is Life. Love is just Love, it can never be explained.
For this outfit, i wore white pants, black sleeve-less top, black slim belt and black flat shoes. Black and white look is the kind that you can never go wrong with. It also happens to be unisex. Very classy and elegant from pants,skits,shirts,shorts,dresses and tops. The maroon braids, i have no idea why i picked this color for my hair but i love. This valentine explore and take risks with your outfits and hair.

Photography- Sharon
Hair and Make-up--  Bella and Jackie


  1. True.. Ladies shud change the norm.. Treat men.. Bt valentine's should be every day if u do love each other

  2. I also love cake or chocolate instead of flowers, but yet again people are different