Harry( as we call him) is my primary schoolmate,neighbour and good friend. We met at Dandora Primary in 2005. We have been classmates and at some point deskmates in class 8. Being a good noisemaker that he is, he found himself in my list of noisemakers severally(a good prefect i was). It is normal that my pals are noisemakers as am also a good talker. Him playing football seemed normal like every other boy. Never thought he would be where he is today. Am happy and proud of him.

I have started a new segment-MY DATE where i will be featuring people of all walks of life to share their stories.
Harrison Mwendwa is the first person and this is how the date was:

Who is Harrison Mwendwa? 
A 20 year old Kenyan business strategic management student and footballer.
When did you begin playing football? 
2006 in class six.

Which teams do you play for? 
Mathare United and National Team.

When did you start to play professionally? 
2008 when I was in class 2008 after travelling to Norway for the Annual MYSA Norway Cup Tournament.

Which teams do you support apart from the ones you play for? 
Liverpool and Barcelona.

Will Kenya ever go to the World Cup? 
Yes.  With this generation, my generation the worldcup is just little effort away.

Best and worst game you ever played? 
Worst game was against Tucker FC 2014.
Best game  was against  FC Leopards

Challenges you face as footballers?  
The biggest challenge is the Kenya football pitches.

Does football in Kenya pay?  
It pays below average.

Footballer role model?  
Neymar Jr.

Your hobbies?  
Swimming,  Play station, watching football,  music and dancing.

Shoes or girls?  
Shoes for days.

Single or in a relationship?  
Am dating Fay Turi.

Define your fashion style?  
 I cannot define it,  It depends on what is trending and mostly sport wear.

Best designers?  
Ishmael Njengah
Dennis Deh Delucho

Your advice to the youths?  
Nothing is impossible.  If they all stop being negative they can make it in life.  Life is never unfair as they say,  they should try and familiarize with the unfair and appreciate the fair.

Your take on drug abuse by the youths?  
I do not take any drug or alcohol.  It's not bad to drink alcohol occasionally otherwise,  I don't understand why people misuse drugs.

Growing up in Dandora(known for crimes) what do you tell the youths there who have lost hope?  
They need to move and interact with other people from other hoods. It's never bad to leave your hood but always know when to carry it with you.  That's what I did.
Thank you Cera

       FUN. LEARN. SHARE. 


  1. Nice piece I want an interview too

  2. Nice piece I want an interview too

    1. thank you. About the interview we will talk about it

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  5. Lovely, The guy has grown, i accept the interview,

  6. its so real i feel like i ave met him.can i get an interview?