Hello good people. By now almost everyone is back to serious business(work and school). One of the beauties of finishing High school and joining college/university is Freedom of Dressing.  I expected this from all institutions until i  joined this particular university.
 Where before admission one had to sign a Dress Code Contract of the school and vow to obey all fashion rules. The contract was very clear on what one should wear. Decent officials on week days and casuals on Saturday.No jeans on weekdays. Decency being self-defined, they talk of Modesty where you show less of your skin. The skirts' or dress' hemline must be below the knee. The clothes should not be tight and must have sleeves(no sleeves-less). The hip bone should not be seen, if you 'blessed' cover with long sweater or top. The shoes should be official. Male students are not left behind. They should not wear jeans and t-shirts on weekdays.Should be very neat.The funny one was, must wear socks.

 The best/worst part is, the school has Fashion Cops at every entrance. If they find u inappropriately dressed, they stop you, tell you how indecent you are, take your ID and send you back home for indecency. Not forgetting the fashion rules at noticeboards. For the love of education i had to change my wardrobe to suit the dress code. Not that am indisciplined or crazy but i have had several encounters with these fashion cops so far.

 For this look i wore tailor-made pants and navy blue t-shirt top. New Look Bowler Apricot Bag from @ceraaccessories and cream heels. I have come to love and embrace this dress code. One thing i have learnt is to try out new things even if am not sure of the outcome.