The Dutch are on average the tallest people on the planet (six feet) and am equally that tall. Am often referred to as `American height` by people who think am way too tall, especially men. I get all kinds of complements and questions. Girl you very tall, are you a model? Do you play basketball or volleyball? You should join the military. I love you height. And strong men who admit and claim i intimidate them with my height.
     Being tall has served me right in school, never been bullied. No struggling to be on the front line to be seen or see. The fact that we are few and there is no cosmetic surgery to make one tall, reduces the competition. I love it when people take me and also think am serious and mature(though i am) due to my height. When it comes to partying, bouncers just look at me and let me in, if only they knew my age does not allow me.
     BUT, when it comes to fashion i have my own issues. I struggle to find well-fitting clothes and shoes. It`s either the sleeves and pants are not long enough or the shoes too small for my feet.Where a maxi is a midi to me. The worst part is the prices. If i get fitting sizes they are at an extra cost. Getting nice outfits locally is a hustle.
My passion for fashion and need to look good pushed me to get solutions to my problems.

My journey with designers started when my brother introduced me to a Jeans-tailor. I loved it. Unique jeans made according to my taste and body. I was later introduced to another designer. I officially shifted from Ready-made to Tailor-made. That feeling, when people tell you they have never seen anyone else with such a dress or they ask you where you shop. Most people think that working with a designer requires `sponsorship`. I find it affordable and efficient.

When it comes to shoes am still struggling. I remember when i was in High school my parents would be advised to order customised shoes for my feet, of course at an extra cost. From one shop to another and the same old response `hatuna iyo size madam` aint fun. Through my hustle and bustle for shoes i have learnt alot. UK sizes happen to be bigger and wider. If am shopping for shoes i go for UK sizes, thats where my feet are served right. Prices for shoes are still high be it `mtumba` or new. Being tall that i am i dnt shy away from high heels, i own several pairs. If i need converse i go to the nale section, yes male section. I find some male shoes very classy on me. A woman carries her clothes, but it`s a shoe that carries a woman.



  1. There was always something about you. Something intangible about you. Something I couldn't place my finger on. But it was there--real, unshakeable and unfathomable. But well, I see it in this blog post. Nestled behind that warm, mirthy smile; hidden by that intimidating height is a Kieha who exudes with guts, femininity, suave and finesse.